Who We Are

We're nobody, really...Or should I say I'm nobody. My name is Brian 'Bex' Huff, and I work at Bezzotech managing very large web sites using mostly Oracle enterprise content management tools. I'm also a guy who really likes social bookmarking, but is sick and tired of web sites with dozens of links by each blog post. Please visit my ecm blog to learn more about me.

My plan is to make sure that this service remains free for all people: I will never charge anybody to link through here -- that would just be stupid. I will likewise never charge to add a new social bookmarking site to my list. If you have a new site you want to promote, just send me an email. If this site gets popular, and I need to pay for more bandwidth, I'll start a donation drive.

If your organization wants to set up a private social bookmarking site, and you need some guarantee of service, we can put together a contract. If this is your goal, you may also be interested in reading the how it works page.

As a neutral third party, I have no interest in whose server you use to store your bookmarks. You could use one of the common ones, an obscure upstart, or even a private server that's on your organization's intranet. The Bookmark It! links will work with them all.

If you have a suggestion for making this site better, please contact me.